The problem

Humans think visually, but code is text.

which makes coding - cumbersome and error prone !

To start coding, every developer must first

Mentally build and memorise,
a mindmap of the code flow,

deciphered from 1000+ lines of code text,

often authored by someone else !

a time consuming & error prone process in itself, that

  • limits the developer's understanding of the full code

  • makes it harder to collaborate with other developers

and embedds deep errors, as they develop it further

causing longer turnaround times & therefore,

greater software development
& maintenance costs !

The Solution

What if

you and your team,
could work & collaborate visually,

without needing to first decipher code ?


Text is for machines | Visual, is for humans

Directly work on your application's flowchart, instead of endless code text

Understand & design your code's structure and flow visually

Edit the flowchart to directly change the app's behaviour.

No more need to decode code flow from heaps of text

Prototype quickly & build as you brainstorm

Compose your software by quickly adding / removing blocks representing various functions of your app

  • while you brainstorm it's structure

  • without worrying about implementing actual code.

Once satisfied, simply fill in the actual code & ready your prototype for execution.

Understand & edit code visually

Browse through your complex application, one functional block at a time,

  • switch between a detailed description,

  • OR actual code of the selected block

  • allowing you to edit / view it, while still keeping every important detail just a keystroke away.

Isolate and debug deep semantic errors in a snap, using visual execution traces

See a visual trace of your app's execution on the flowchart, as it happens.

Isolate errors quickly, by visually identifying the block where it deviates from the expected route.

Visualise & simplify app state management and design

Move or Place visual markers (shown as blue blocks) at various execution paths

  • use that to trigger or prevent subsequent behaviours as needed

  • allowing you to change your app's reaction to previous execution outcomes (states), effortlessly

Collaborate more intuitively across teams

St8Flo enables you to show, discuss and edit modifications directly with your team on a common flowchart, in real time...

allowing for a more rapid, intuitive collaboration effort.

One click sync & deployment to client

Pull a session directly from the client's device, in order to debug.

Make the corrections & push it back as an update to the client, in a single click.

No need to update through 3rd party app stores after the initial install.

Troubleshoot complaints LIVE & provide immediate resolutions to your clients.

St8Flo allows you to directly debug the client-side instance of your app,

  • from wherever you are,

  • even when in use by your client.

Imagine solving your client's problem, even while he describes it over the phone !

Make software development easier

Increase team productivity and collaboration

Reduce turnaround times on projects

Save hours on development time & therefore costs

& Wow your customers with immediate troubleshooting

Other key Features

Use with ANY Javascript framework, in the browser, server, or even standalone mobile apps

St8Flo is designed to be as generic as possible,
and can be used with technologies like angular & node.js alike... even with hybrid mobile app platforms like Ionic

Build entirely new apps / websites
OR integrate into your existing ones

St8Flo apps can be packed into independent modules, which can be integrated into your existing javascript software through a simple "require()"

Reduce spaghetti code & code bloat

Take advantage of the inherent DRY design, that emerges as a result of seperating flow-control logic from functional logic

Optimize for performance or memory, by simply swapping St8Flo runtimes

Build distributed computing enabled apps

Being modular, app execution can be split across multiple devices / browsers on a per block basis, without any additional modifications to the code

Build modules for repeated use

Package frequently required functionality (Eg REST interfaces, Facebook Login APIs) as modules that can be included into other St8Flo apps.

Use functional / declarative coding, instead of the Visual IDE

Team collaboration features, with roles & permissions